An unconventional cleaning » venus_04

Peeling off the poultice was extremely satisfying.

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  1. I have a similar statue. Mine appears to be made of a different type of marble. Someone has made a makeshift base, because the original has been chipped away from what I’d assume was its original base and or location? It’s a beautiful piece. It’s dirty, stained, and has natural inclusions or cracks in it, but I still love it, I wish there were some way to get it back close to it’s original condition? I was surprised to see the restoration that was done at the museum. I was even more surprised that it resides in New Albany, being that I live in Louisville, Ky. Now I’m going to have to visit the mansion, and check it out. If someone could send me an email and let me know if this cleaning process is being used…….PLEASE let me know!!! I’d love to have mine closer to its original beauty. Thanks Ron H.

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