Latino Culture and Flavor on the Canal! ¡Cultura de Latino y Sabor en el Canal!

by Marco Dominguez, Co-anchor of 13 Eyewitness News en ESPAÑOL

Hola! Sept. 29 is the event!

The Indiana State Museum is gearing up for an amazing Hispanic Heritage Month featuring its very first Latino Festival of the Arts on Saturday, Sept. 29 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This will be a great day of music, arts, food and diversity. Everyone will get to mix and mingle as we party the day away.

Blog author Marco Dominguez loves his food hot ‘n’ spicy!

Consul of Mexico Juan Solana and I were invited to co-chair the event and we are having the best time leading the challenge to inaugurate a new downtown tradition. There are so many fun things being planned for the entire family to enjoy — from dancing along to salsa music to winning toys and other door prizes — the day will be packed full of fun. We have even teamed up with Radio Disney Indianapolis to present an experience you won’t forget.

Oh …  and did I forget to mention that the Consul of Mexico will be in the kitchen whipping up some spicy tacos and salsa?

So I ask you to please mark your calendar and come and have fun with us. Be ready to dance some salsa, eat good salsa and put some salsa in your life. How spicy do you want it? It is up to you!

Just enjoy a family day and hope to see you there! Los esperamos para un día familiar. Estamos seguro que la van a pasar muy bien!

The Press has Found Lincoln!

Dale Ogden, Indiana State Museum Chief Curator for Cultural History had a busy day with television reporters yesterday. First, Tim “Tree Boy” Bush of WTHR-Ch.13 spent the morning pretty much in awe of the various Lincoln artifacts. Turns out he is quite a Lincoln-phile and has even questioned his own lineage, as there are “Bush” members in the Lincoln family tree. His story is scheduled to air on Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 6:15 and 6:45 a.m. and again during the noon news that day, and he promised to come back to follow the story; truth is, he wants to be as close as possible to those bits of Lincoln lore.

Eric Halvorson of WISH-tv8 was also here and spent the afternoon with Dale, posting this story.

Probably one of the more exciting things about having media here is seeing them express the same excitement that we’ve been feeling these past few months;  the fact that we are housing true national treasures here stirs many emotions in staffers, from a huge sense of responsibility, to passion about our history;  a sense of determination to”get the stories right” and even a humbleness founded in the fact that we were chosen to curate this important collection (along with the Allen County Public Library). We can’t wait to show it off next February!

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