History rewinds to 1811

Written by David Weaver, program developer for Vincennes State Historic Sites

muster_wabash_01On Nov. 7 and 8, Fort Knox II was transported back to 1811. The cannon and muskets are now silent, but to many it was a small look inside the everyday life of the men and women who would play a significant role in history. Fort Knox II was the staging point for then Indiana Territorial Governor William Henry Harrison’s army that marched on Prophetstown and fought the Battle of Tippecanoe.

muster_wabash_05For 11 years now, the Vincennes State Historic Sites have hosted a reenactment event to commemorate these men and women. There were plenty of skits and demonstration to suit many interests: Native American culture, a demonstration of 1812 weaponry, including cannons, a first person demonstration of a washerwoman, demonstrations of spinning and weaving, a battle each day, demonstrations of cavalry tactics by the Indiana Mounted Rangers, a gentleman’s duel and a ladies tea. 

For many, the highlight of each day was the patrol with Harrison’s troops, an interactive experience where the public is in the middle of a skirmish between the army and Native Americans. But this year, the icing on the cake was the beautiful weather — 70 degrees in November helped make Muster on the Wabash better than ever.

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