Students’ artwork hits a high note

by Meredith McGovern, Arts and Culture Collection Manager

What do you get when you cross a lone fishing boat, a team of galloping horses, a twirling ballerina and two giraffes with plumed Venetian masks? Symphony in Color at the Indiana State Museum!

Here’s how the annual art contest — administered by volunteers from the Junior Group of the Women’s Committee of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra — works: Indiana students in grades one through six listen to classical music performed by the ISO and create artwork to interpret what they hear. The young artists use a variety of material and techniques — acrylic, watercolor, paper, glitter, collage and batik, to name a few — to represent crashing symbols, surging chords, lilting flutes, high-pitched strings and lively horns. From the thousands of pieces of art submitted, 100 finalists and 10 honorable mentions are selected for exhibition at the museum.

Through May 5, you are invited to stroll the gallery — watch and listen as the students’ creations leap off the page!

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