Indiana Square Dancers Share Marriage Secret

square_dancing_01Twirling skirts and flying crinoline filled the O’Bannon Great Hall on Saturday as the Indiana Dancer’s Association held their annual dance. As always, these events make working weekends a lot of fun. And it got even better when a bride who was getting photos and making her wedding video decided to be part of the fun. Graciously obliging the request, the square dancers formed a circle around the bride and groom and waltzed as the couple shared their own dance. At the end of the song, the dancers offered the new bride and her groom some advice on marriage. They noted that many of the couples present had been married 50+ years and the secret to their success was dancing together. It looks like the young couple is off to a good start – I wonder how long it will be before the bride trades in her wedding dress for poofier and more practical square dancing dress?


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