Segway Polo on the Museum Lawn

Not a sight I’ve seen before;  a polo match on the front lawn of the museum.  But wait…this one is with Segways…and there, in the thick of it all, Apple Computer co-founder, Steve Wozniak!  Seems “The Woz” calls Segway, “one of my big inspirations in life” and started an international polo league a couple years ago. 

So what led him to the lawn of the Indiana State Museum?   SegwayFest 2008 is here in Indianapolis this weekend, and since all the other playing fields were reportedly taken up by Drum and Bugle Corps practices for the DCI World Championships (also in Indy)…the front lawn of the museum was chosen as the perfect polo-playing location.

As I’ve said before so many times….there’s never a dull moment around the Indiana State Museum!  Here’s a link to Fox59’s coverage of the event.