Museum seeks piano

by David Buchanan, Curator of Decorative Objects and Furniture

People often offer the museum old upright pianos and we just as often reject them. “No one wants one of those big old uprights” is, unfortunately, generally heard by owners trying to find a home for theirs. I find it very ironic there is one old upright we would like very much like to find. Since this piano was mass-produced it is also likely there is someone out there who would love for theirs to be in the museum’s collection. The frustrating question is: how do we find each other?

The piano we need is an Emerson Upright Grand Piano. But not just any Emerson upright will do. We actually want to match all of the details of one currently in our collection. The piano, made in the late 1880s or early 1890s,  is displayed at Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site on Sylvan Lake near Rome City. Gene had this piano at her home in Geneva and then took it with her when she moved to Sylvan Lake. It remains there today and we need a match for the music room at Limberlost State Historic Site in Geneva. Seek and ye shall find … I certainly hope so!

The front of the Emerson Upright Grand Piano.

Side detail of the Emerson Upright piano at the Gene Stratton-Porter Cabin.

Winter at State Historic Sites

The State Historic Sites take on different looks as the seasons change … T.C. Steele and Gene Stratton-Porter’s Sylvan Lake home shine in spring and summer with magnificent gardens, fall colors make the Muster on the Wabash interesting, and here are some great shots of Limberlost under a blanket of snow. Each of these sites have so much history and beauty, you should consider visiting them more than once a year! They’re all a short car ride from home … a nice day trip or weekend adventure. Be sure to check the website first, as some have winter hours (ex: Limberlost hours are now Tues. – Sat. 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.;  closed Sun. and Mon. until April 1.)

If you have pictures to share of your travels to any of the State Historic Sites or the Indiana State Museum, please load them to our Flickr page here.

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