Enhancing the Visit (not the visitor)

reptile_day_2005As visitor program specialist for the Indiana State Museum, I get to coordinate live demonstrations as part of our Visitation Enhancement program. Often mistakenly called the “Visitor Enhancement” program, (which is entirely unnecessary as our visitors are just fine already, thank you very much) this program helps provide our guests with a little something extra by offering them the opportunity to meet area experts and talk about all sorts of interesting topics in person.

These demonstrators are fascinating people with great stories and working with them is always so much fun. They love sharing their experiences and educating visitors of all ages about animals, insects and plants. Many bring live animals with them and you may get to touch a snake, see hawk or pet a salamander.

utopia_wildlife_rehabilitatorsSo if you’re planning a trip to the museum in February, March or April, make sure to check out our website calendar to see when we will be hosting Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators, “Indiana Jim” Horton, Frank Rouse, Dani Tippmann, “Snakehead Ed” Ferrer, John Thieme and Terri Warne to talk about everything from plants and insects to snakes, bats and birds. Most demonstrations will take place in either the newly opened Footprints: Balancing Nature’s Diversity exhibit (which is super awesome and showcases some great specimens from our collection) or in the R.B. Annis Naturalist’s Lab.

I’d love to hear about who your favorite demonstrator is and what you learned!

For more information on when these live demonstrations take place and what they entail, please visit the calendar on our official museum website: www.indianamuseum.org.