Celebrate Abe Camp Diary

Celebrate Abe Summer Camp took place at the Vincennes State Historic Site July 13 through 17.

Making butter.

Making butter.

Day One: The first day of camp is always an exciting day. The campers arrive full of wonder and, of course, energy. We have planned the week’s activities and they are anticipating them. Some of the campers know each other, some do not. This year we have two campers who are staying with grandparents in order to attend our camp. We are proud to see that a new generation is engaged in the quest for knowledge of our nation’s history. It is easy to pick out who will be the future historians, archaeologists, preservers of our story. It is also fun to watch as they gain a real understanding of what our forefathers endured and overcame. Today, the campers learned how to start a fire, grind corn and make cornbread. They also made butter. One of the campers commented that they would have starved if they had to go through all of this to get supper. I can’t wait to see what tommorrow brings! Continue reading

Preparations for Celebrate Abe

vincennes_log_cabinGearing up for summer camp is always an exciting time for me. We “test” all of the activities and crafts we have planned to see how difficult they are and how much time it really takes to complete crafts. Last week, we made a log cabin using pretzels and icing. It was a fun and tasty day. Richard’s log cabin included waffle pretzel windows!

We have a lot of activities planned and there really will be something interesting and fun for all the campers! Just like the kids, each of us has a different day we look forward to.  I am really looking forward to taking the kids’ pictures in Civil War era clothing, and I was happy to see how well the daguerreotype case they will make turned out. I think it will be a great keepsake for them or — let’s face it — for their proud parents to have a memento of their child’s adventures!

Next week … we are practicing candle making! I can’t wait!

Celebrate Abe Summer Camp starts July 13. Space is still available, so sign up now!

Angela Lucas is the program developer at Vincennes State Historic Sites.

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