Pinewood Derby at the Museum

Spring is in the air in the midwest, and the smell of sawdust and paint … it must be Pinewood Derby time! Yes, once again the engineers at the Indiana State Museum have suspended the world’s fastest track (possibly the highest and longest – you be the judge!) from the Level 2 balcony. 

Scouts from four states converge on the museum this week to prove their little cars the fastest. At stake is a huge two-foot tall trophy, which, to a 10-year-old, is The Bomb!

The museum and track are open to anyone for “fun runs” through Sunday afternoon; official racing is Saturday afternoon, with cars weighed and registered by 1 p.m. There will even be short talks by ISU Motor Sports and Physics professors about “The Science of Speed” to help racers skim that extra .001 second off their times.
Pinewood Derby track at the Indiana State Museum

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A New Track Record!

Hundreds of Boy Scouts from a 4-state area converged on the Indiana State Museum last week, for the 2nd Annual Pinewood Derby, and the World’s Largest Pinewood Derby track did not disappoint.  Science and technology came into play as dads and scouts designed cars for looks as well as performance.


In the end, it all came down to mere hundredths of a second as the winners were awarded trophies and drank the official celebratory milk.