Honoring Hoosier Heroes: We want your photos!

Once again, we are preparing our annual Veterans Day program. In addition to a public conversation with former WASP Marty Wyall, a concert with the Indianapolis Municipal Band and various demonstrations, we will also continue with our community photo mural and we need your help.

It’s really very simple: you e-mail us photos of friends or family who have or are currently serving in the military, and we print and post those photos to our Heroes from the Heartland display board at the museum. We welcome photo submissions of grandfathers, brothers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles or friends – basically anyone you want to recognize that has some sort of tie to Indiana. The photos can be in uniform or casual, taken while serving or before or after serving.

The 2009 Heroes from the Heartland display at the Indiana State Museum.

The community photo mural will be displayed from Nov. 2 through 11. Electronic photos will be accepted Aug. 1 through Sept. 30. Due to limited space, we will only be able to post the first 300 photos received on the display board and we are limiting photos to one per person (meaning that you can submit more than one photo, but they have to be of different people). All photos will be included on the museum’s Facebook Fan page and on Flickr.

Please e-mail photos to Eric Todd and include the following information:

Date of service
Branch of military
Hometown or Indiana connection: 
Submitted by

*Photos should be between 150 and 300 dpi at 100 percent.

In addition, from Nov. 2 through 11, the Indiana State Museum is offering FREE ADMISSION through the Blue Star Museum program to veterans and active military personnel and discounted admission to their families.

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