Trumble the Train Saves the Day

Cookie Decorating at the Indiana State Museum

by Guest Author Daisy P., age 12, Clark Pleasant Middle School

On Saturday, I saw the new play about Trumble the train. It was really cute and is a good story. The singing and dancing is fun to watch, and the kids who got called up on stage to help out were extra happy. Well, now I am going to decorate some cookies in the Café. I’m sure they will turn out ‘beautiful’.

Ed. note:

Dec. 1, 15, 22
Trumble the Train Saves the Day!
10:30 a.m. & 1 p.m.
$2 per adult;  $1 per Child
Trumble the Train Saves the Day! is an engaging, interactive holiday musical for pre-school and elementary-age children and their families. The 20-minute musical follows the action in the mythical village of Celebration Crossing as Trumble the Train enlists the help of his friends — Riley the Mouse, Tulie the Tree and Ellsworth the Elf — in foiling the plot of the villainous Dickens Bildungsroman to take over the village and ruin the holiday season for everyone. Original songs, lively dialogue and audience participation are all part of the fun.

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