Flappers, flyboys, pickles and Abe Lincoln

by Erin Anderson, Gallery & Programming Specialist

When I was about 10 years old I fell in love. Much to my parents’ (mostly Dad’s) relief, I was in love with history and not a boy. I was the only girl in my grade who was fascinated with the people and things that came before me, especially all things Civil War-related. I read history books and obsessed over the movie, Gettysburg. (I almost have it memorized word for word.) But I never really got the chance to experience history hands-on. I was a total history geek … who am I kidding? I still am! I’m excited to announce that those children who are a little interested in history or who are total history geeks like me can spend a week at the Indiana State Museum getting to experience history hands-on at History Alive Camp! Woot!

This year’s camp will have the old favorites, like a visit from Abe Lincoln, going on a museum treasure hunt, making WWII-era refrigerator pickles and hanging out with some Civil War soldiers. Don’t worry; we’re not digging up the dead! They’re re-enactors! There will be some new activities, too.

The Madam Walker Theatre on Indiana Ave.

Flappers, flyboys, jalopies and all that jazz will arrive in style as we learn about the Roaring ‘20s in Indiana! There was a lot going on here in the heartland during the 1920s. For example, did you know that the infamous mobster, Al Capone, was involved in a shoot-out at a speakeasy in McCordsville or that he owned a gun-shaped house in Long Beach, Indiana? Did you know that Indiana Avenue was home to many famous theaters and dance clubs and would become a hub for jazz music and African-American culture? How about Indiana allowing women the right to vote in some elections as early as 1881, 39 years before the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed in 1920? There’s much more that happened, but I can’t tell you everything now! I have a deal for you though. If you want to know all this cool stuff and your kiddos are into history, sign them up for History Alive Camp. Then, they can tell you all about it!  This year’s History Alive Camp will be the bee’s knees!