REPRESENTING The Business of Art

By Kisha Tandy, Asst. Curator of History & Culture

"The Road Less Traveled" by Mason ArchieDo you dream of becoming an artist and have you ever wondered just what it would take to become one? Well… those answers and more will be answered at “The Business of Art” workshop scheduled for this Friday from 1 – 4 p.m. at the Indiana State Museum. A special panel of experts will convene to discuss individual artistry as a career and life option. The workshop is open to artists at all career stages and the topics for discussion will include: 1) successful exhibit proposals; 2) artist credentials; 3) getting noticed as an artist; 4) grant opportunities, and 5) completing a grant application.

The panelists are detailed below.

Photographer, William “Bill” Rasdell, has worked in Indianapolis since 1975 and has a wealth of experience in the public and private sectors. His art has allowed him to travel to Cuba and South Africa. Of his longevity he comments, “Community involvement. It’s crucial to let people know that you’re there. I’ve volunteered my services to political campaigns, civic groups and social organizations. And not always as a photographer. It was all about networking.” Leah Reeder is also an accomplished photographer whose work was recently displayed at the 3R Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. However, her “day job” keeps her busy showcasing the work of other artists.

 Teaching is a passion of Herron of School Art and Design Professor Vance Farrow and Carol White, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Director of Studio and Community Art Programs. In both of their positions they are training future artists.  Farrow and White, still find time to create original art work and exhibit in Indiana and across the country.

Shannon Linker is an arts advocate and works hard to promote local artists. In September 2011, Susan Watt Grade writing for NUVO described Linker as “a force for Indy’s arts.” Her involvement is evidenced in Gallery 924 which she manages as well as throughout the city.

The panelists have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge so please come prepared to ask questions.

Attendees must register by calling 317.232.1637. The registration fee is $8 per person and $5 with a student ID.

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