Becky Skillman visits Amazing Maize!

by guest blogger Becky Skillman, Lieutenant Governor of Indiana

Do you have the strength it takes to pull someone out of a silo of corn? While visiting the Amazing Maize exhibit recently, my staff and I took the challenge to see if we had the muscle it takes to save someone if they were to fall into a silo full of corn. It is not as easy as you think – try it out at the Indiana State Museum.  

I was glad to have the opportunity to tour the new exhibit which explores the science, history and culture of corn. Agriculture in Indiana contributes $26 billion annually to our state’s economy. Corn is a big player in Indiana – we are the fifth largest producer of corn in the U.S.

Indiana corn is shipped all across the country and the world. During one of my trade missions to China in 2010, a deal was struck to supply 300 Chinese movie theaters with Indiana’s own Weaver Popcorn. You never know where you’ll find Indiana’s corn products – from snacks to fabrics to adhesives. 

That’s why I enjoyed the Amazing Maize exhibit – it explains that corn is not only a food, but a fiber used in clothes as well as fuel in our vehicles. Every year 430 million bushels of corn are used to produce more than 1.1 billion gallons of ethanol in Indiana alone. Indiana ethanol contributes $2 billion to our economy.

The possibilities for Indiana corn seem endless – the crop really is amazing. Find out more about how corn plays a critical role in our everyday lives by checking out the Amazing Maize at the Indiana State Museum.

Becky Skillman is serving her second term as the 49th Lieutenant Governor of Indiana.  She manages five state agencies, including the Indiana State Department of Agriculture and the Office of Tourism Development. To find out more about the work of Lt. Governor Skillman, visit

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