A few of our favorite things

by Katy Creagh, Art & Culture Program Developer, and Eric Todd, Program Specialist

 Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
brown paper packages tied up with strings,
these are a few of my favorite things.

A very young Katy!

ERIC: I don’t know about you, but that list does not resemble my favorite things.
KATY: What about kittens?
ERIC: I like kittens, but not whiskers, specifically.  I prefer warm woolen mittens, if I had to choose.
KATY: I guess you’re right. And why do they keep playing this song at Christmas anyway? They don’t even talk about Christmas.
ERIC: That’s a valid point. Plus, everyone knows the best Christmas song is “Sleigh Ride.”
KATY: I completely disagree. Everyone knows it’s “Santa Baby.” No, “Carol of the Bells.” No, no, my real favorite is “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”
ERIC: Counterpoints, in order: Too risqué, too boring, and to use your own criteria from earlier, I’m not sure that song even mentions Christmas.
KATY: Fine. So, what’s your favorite Christmas cookie?
ERIC: That one is easy. My mom makes cookies every year that she, my brother, and I decorate. My designs are so poor that they aren’t allowed to be given to the neighbors. But maybe I’ll bring you one. You?
KATY: Mine are holly cookies. It’s a traditional Borchers family recipe, and it’s really difficult to make — you mix Corn Flakes, marshmallows, butter and green food coloring then add red hots for berries. Sounds difficult doesn’t it?
ERIC: Sounds kind of gross. Corn Flakes and red hots?
KATY: At least my mom can give mine away.
ERIC: Touché. What’s your favorite Christmas present you ever received?
KATY: It was a small, wooden chair and cradle for my baby dolls.

Young Eric

ERIC: That’s the stereotypical girl present. My favorite gift was a basketball goal that, despite what my mother would tell you, was an indoor toy.
KATY: How very male of you. Okay, here’s a big one: favorite Christmas memory?
ERIC: That’s tough because you have so many more Christmases to pull from.
KATY: We’re six months apart.
ERIC: Nevertheless. Favorite Christmas memory … One year my brother, friend and I sat in my room waiting for our parents to give us an early, joint Christmas present. We listened to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something on repeat for an hour — so that will always be a Christmas song to me, returning to our earlier debate. But then we received our gift: sleds. It hadn’t snowed in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in five years, but I can promise you that we were very excited.
KATY: Nice. Here’s mine. We were in Wisconsin, and because of the weather we got stuck at my Aunt and Uncle’s place and went to Christmas Eve service where my cousin performed in a play. There was a nativity scene reenactment as part of the Christmas play. A very young girl playing Mary walked in carrying one baby Jesus. When she got to the manger there was a sleeping baby Jesus already there. She picked up the sleeping baby and asked the crowd which one she should use. My dad and his brother — two grown men — could not stop laughing in the middle of church.

The adult versions of Katy and Eric still love Santa!

ERIC: That’s a good one. Now let’s plug the exhibit. What about your favorite part of Celebration Crossing?
KATY: By far, my favorite thing to do is to write Santa a letter, drop it in his mailbox and wait for a response.
ERIC: That’s nice, but asking for a present is your favorite part? That’s a bit greedy. Lest we forget, Christmas is the season of giving. Personally, my favorite part is riding the train when it’s full of Celebration Crossing visitors. You know, celebrating the season with friends, spreading holiday cheer and other selfless acts.
KATY: Oh, whatever. You’re just trying to suck up to Santa.

Come visit Celebration Crossing to have your picture taken with Santa, write him a letter and ride the Santa Claus Express between now and Dec. 24 and decide on YOUR favorite thing!

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  1. I went back to bed multiple times to warm up and think about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten while she kept right on howling.

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