From shabby to chic!

by Jennifer Schoening, Sales Associate in the Indiana Store

In a day and age when most of us have to choose between unconscious consumption of material goods and the conscious acquisition of experience, there are more and more of us choosing experience.

You can now buy the experience of shabby turned in to chic at the Indiana Store!

Leather flower bracelets.

We would like to welcome life-long Indiana resident and artist Anita Hopper and her 3-year old company Refind Originals! A line of re-purposed old leather garments that have been transformed into unique one-of-a-kind bracelets, coin purses, clutches and headbands with vintage fabrics and embellishments. With a mission of being mindful of the stuff we consume, Anita has taken her passion for antique and vintage shopping combined with her panache for sewing and quilting and has created these beautiful objects from items that most others wouldn’t even glance at twice! You can feel the connection between the artist and the item in every piece!

Memories can last a lifetime, so trade in your $5 Old Navy handbag for one that tells a story to its observer! Trust me, I know! I own two of her pieces and hope to add a third to my collection shortly!

Buy indie and create happiness!

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