Valuing volunteer time

Written by Karine Huys, Coordinator of Volunteer Services

Monday night was our annual volunteer recognition here at the Indiana State Museum. We had a lovely picnic theme with a pot-luck dinner and, at last count, there were 102 different items to choose from on the buffet table! Besides all the great food, we also presented our annual awards.

Over the last year more than 500 volunteers contributed 23,399 hours, valued at nearly $474,000! A highlight of the evening’s awards is always the top 10. These are the volunteers who have contributed the most time during the last year.

10. Nancy Crafton, 346 hours, valued at over $7,000
9.  Larry Boyer, 354 hours, valued at over $7,100
8.  Elizabeth Hohman, 385 hours, valued at over $7,700
7.  Barbara Parker, 422 hours, valued at over $8,500
6.  Kathy Lee, 428 hours, valued at over $8,600
5.  Janice Snowden, 431 hours, valued at over $8,700
4.  Jane Ann Buchanan, 542 hours, valued at over $10,900
3.  Bruce Herriman, 582 hours, valued at over $11,700
2.  Katy Edwards, 586 hours, valued at over $11,800
1.  Gerhard Gennrich, 641 hours, valued at over $12,900

These 10 volunteers contributed 20 percent of the total value of all hours donated last year!

We also recognized 11 volunteers who have contributed more than 200 hours to the museum in the last year and 39 volunteers who have contributed more than 100 hours. We also had several volunteers who contributed over 100 hours to a specific program in the museum. These programs included: the Naturalist’s Lab, Celebration Crossing, Guest Services, Collections/Curatorial Assistance, Program Support Team, Museum Store, Collections Computer Support, Covered Wagon program, Conservator Assistant and Gardening.

If any of these areas sound interesting to you, please contact the volunteer center at 317.232.8351 or

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