In-Your-Face Tree Fun, Free Trees and Tree Planting Tips for Arbor Day!

Tall or short, full or droopy, fruit-bearing or nutty: Trees, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. And of course, like people, they’re awesome for lots of different reasons.

From climbing trees as a kid, enjoying their shade as a teenager, or eating cherries grown in my own backyard, I’m happy to be a fan and I hope to instill the appreciation of trees in my 2-year-old son, who can’t wait to reach that first low hanging branch and begin his own climbing adventures.

So planning the Arbor Day Celebration for the Indiana State Museum is less like work for me and more like hosting a great big party for all of the trees that have contributed to my memories growing up. From the energetic program Trees, Who Needs ‘Em? to free trees, tree planting advice, tree trivia and wood art – I get to go hog wild with in-your-face tree fun each and every Arbor Day.

In addition to free trees (American plum and gray dogwood this year) and tree planting advice from the Department of Natural Resources, we’ll have a wood turner, live animals, Native American plant use, dulcimer building, tree science, bonsai trees and tons more!

Purdue will be on-hand to talk about tree-destroying insects and a giant Smokey Bear will remind us all that only we can prevent forest fires. Live demonstrations, take home treats, plus the chance to talk to tree experts and artists will round out one very nature-filled day and I hope you get a chance to stop by and enjoy the party.

Come join our Arbor Day party on Friday, April 30! For a full list of this year’s participants, please visit the official Indiana State Museum Arbor Day page.

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