Jackson 5 at the Indiana State Museum

Michael Jackson is, without a doubt, the most internationally famous person ever to come out of the Hoosier state. We are saddened by the loss of this incredible talent. I took a walk down to the “famous Hoosiers” portion of our gallery to see some Jackson 5 artifacts. Turns out we have costumes worn during a Sonny & Cher show in the 1970s, as well as some other interesting things, with another costume about to rotate in (museums rotate things in and out, to protect the artifacts from exposure to light, etc.).

I also spoke with our Chief Curator of Cultural History about the collection and how a museum goes about acquiring say, Michael Jackson’s glove. Shouldn’t the State Museum in his home state have more of such fabulous items from his life, to share with other Hoosiers?  I guess its a lot more complicated than that…

 That leaves donors; which wealthy Hoosier will step up and donate items to the state collection? Who would enjoy going to auction…. then generously share their finds with the public?

Sarah from Carmel enjoys a Jackson 5 costume worn in a 1970's Sonny & Cher Show performance

Sarah from Carmel enjoys a Jackson 5 costume worn in a 1970's Sonny & Cher Show performance

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One Response

  1. on the plaque in the circular room where the jacksons are mentioned, it says that randy jackson filled in for michael. Randy really filled in for Jermaine after the family left motown and jermaine stayed.

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