Indiana Quilts of Valor

50 Quilts of Valor at ISM

50 Quilts of Valor at ISM

Over 1000 people participated in wrapping American veterans in warmth as 50 handmade quilts were presented today at the Roudebush VA Medical Center.  A partnership between the Indiana State Museum and the Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis  resulted in the quilts, which were presented to soldiers wounded while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.   

The partnership was created as part of an exhibit at the museum in spring of 2008, with museum visitors and school groups taking quilt block kits home to complete and then send to the Quilter’s Guild for assembly into quilts.  The original goal was to have enough for five to ten quilts. 

 “The response to the program was overwhelming and the results more than exceeded expectations.  Its amazing how much impact it has had,”  said Joanna Hahn, program coordinator and Indiana State Museum Cultural History Specialist.   

1, 300 quilt blocks came back from grade school classes, individuals, and other organizations in 24 states, 62 Indiana counties, and as far away as Bristol, England.  Over 1000 people participated in the sewing adventure, allowing 50 completed quilts to be completed for distribution. 

Once the blocks were sent back, the Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis volunteered hundreds of hours to complete each quilt into a similar 4’ by 5’ pattern.  The quilts will be distributed to soldiers and veterans at the medical center and “Operation Restoration” retreats.  Hopefully, soldiers will feel the emotion that was sewn into each quilt.

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  1. I have put a write up on my blog about your very meaningful blog article. Please let me know if you want me to remove your photo. If so I will right away.

  2. Congratulations on your Quilts for Soldiers. I’ve written a book,”Thanking Our Troops–God Bless America Touring Quilts” that contains the heart-warming stories of the 200 22″ quilts that are touring with all profits from books and $100 exhibit rental fees (free to veteran and military groups) going to groups like yours who make quilts for wounded soldiers.

    Please send me your address and I’ll mail you a free book and hopefully a donation soon.

    Check out photos on

    Hope you’ll enter this Contest and tell the nation about your charity quilting:

    2010 Patriotic Quilt Contest to Benefit Soldiers

    Theme: Patriotic, Stars and Stripes, Support our Troops or Biblically Inspired. See 220 quilt photos already touring on Schedule this ongoing $100 exhibit for your next show or patriotic event.
    Deadline: March 31. Quilts will tour 18 months. Judged for prizes & Auctioned in Oct/Nov 2011.
    No Entry Fees 100% auction & rental profits go to non-profits who make quilts for wounded soldiers.

    Mail quilts with signed entry forms to 12101 N. MacArthur #137 Oklahoma City, OK 73162.

    Finished quilt size is 22” x 22” with a 4” sleeve or 4” loops sewn along the upper back for displaying on rod, plus four tabs along the upper edge for pinning onto draped racks to protect quilt.

    Please also attach securely along the bottom of your quilt (that can be folded back) an 18”wide by 5”high story label that includes the quilt title, your name, contact info if desired, Artist’s Statement with heart-warming story of what inspired you to make the quilt. You can type or photo transfer onto fabric, quilt it and coordinate it as part of your quilt art, or just type on thick paper and laminate or put in plastic covering and attach. Your story label can be a free advertising billboard for your quilt business, project or charity quilting group, soliciting business, volunteers or donations for your charity.

    Please also email your Artist’s Statement/heart-warming story to

    Categories for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons: Most Original, Best Handwork. Best Machine work, Best Contemporary, Best Traditional, Best Pictorial, Best Youth under 18, Best Youth under 12, Judges choice. Judges reserve right to switch categories. Prizes by corporate sponsors to be announced.

    Entry Form (Please Print Legibly)



    Phone_____________Quilt Title______________________________________Category___________

    I understand Judy Howard will take every precaution in the care and handling of my quilt. I will not hold Judy or her associates responsible for any damage or loss due to unforeseen events. Quilts will be insured. Entry into the competition automatically grants copyright permission for the image of the quilt and/or all or part of the Artist’s Statement about the quilt to be used in articles, ads, promotions, catalogs, books, posters, cards, websites, CDs, event news coverage, television productions and/or multimedia productions for and about the God Bless America Touring Quilts. The quilt artist retains copyright to his/her quilt design. I consent that Judy Howard and/or media may edit my statement.

    Winners, press releases, photos, calendar of exhibits, auction results, updates will be posted on, blogs, etc. Quilts will be auctioned with a $50 minimum bid in October/November 2011 with all profits from tours, books and auctions going to groups who make quilts for wounded soldiers and families of the fallen. I agree to donate my quilt for this purpose. One free Thanking Our Troops—God Bless America Touring Quilts book will be mailed for each quilt entered as our thanks to you for entering. Please include $5 shipping if you’re not donating quilt.
    This is my original design (or attach permission to use pattern) and I will abide by above rules.

    Printed Name______________________________Signed__________________________Date______

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