Whoa. Dogs, Cats, Birds, Ferrets, Snakes & Miniature Horses at the Museum

Rosco in 2006 prior to his adoption.

Rosco in 2006 prior to his adoption.

Remember Joey from Gimme a Break, with his catch phrase, “Whoa”? That pretty much describes my thoughts on Scales & Tails Fest this year. This is the fourth year for the program and it will no doubt be the biggest, best year yet! In fact, I’ve had such a great response that I’ve run out of room and many groups are bringing their own tables just so they can participate. It is truly a labor of love because the rescue groups and animal organizations are such hard-working, dedicated people who do whatever needs to be done to find happy homes for their critters and it is a pleasure working with them.

Rosco with his happy family.

Rosco with his happy family.

I personally love the giant rocking horses and the miniature horses, and of course the dogs, cats, ferrets, snakes and birds – well okay, I pretty much love everything about the event. In fact, during the inaugural event, I adopted my own awesome dog – Rosco!

Alissa Madden of Northside Animal Hospital takes a moment to enjoy a giant rocking horse during Scales & Tails 2008.

Alissa Madden of Northside Animal Hospital takes a moment to enjoy a giant rocking horse during Scales & Tails 2008.

While we will be working hard to get everything set up bright and early that morning, we will watch as participants from Indiana Task Force 1, Indianapolis Animal Care & Control, Indy Dog and Disc, Great Dane Rescue, Indy Pit Crew, Hoosier Herp Society, Indiana Horse Council, Hoosier Herpetological Society, Exotic Animal Rescue Pet Sanctuary, Ferret Rescue & Halfway House, Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators and so many more I can’t even mention them all for fear of exceeding my word limit (but you can check out a complete list here).

So if you’re in the market for just about any kind of pet or if you know someone who is, stop by and check out the event. If you don’t need a pet you can always come to watch dog agility, learn about wildlife rehabilitation, ride a giant rocking horse, hold a snake or watch baby chicks hatch.

Of course, the most amazing thing about the day is how we will transform this huge animal-filled event into a beautiful, clean and shiny, critter-free wedding reception that evening. Whoa.

2 Responses

  1. My compliments for an amazing idea! Do a lot of pets get adopted during the event?

  2. Thank you Paul, the event is a lot of fun and gets better every year. Although several animals are adopted at the event, many of the rescue groups have an adoption process that takes a little longer, so it’s hard for us to track exactly how many critters get adopted thanks to the event. Groups also use this program as a chance to recruit volunteers, educate the public on different breeds and network amongst themselves.

    Next year, we’ll be beefing up our wildlife component too. We’ll talk about what do if you find an injured animal and how to better enjoy wildlife that you might find in your own backyard. Hope you can make it down!

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