Angel Mounds says goodbye to weeds!

The fire!

The fire!

Yesterday we conducted our annual/biannual burn of the mounds at Angel Mounds State Historic Site. We were able to take care of three of the mounds (A, E and G) with great success on a total wipeout of the “bad” plants (we hope). While they were at it, DNR Fire Headquarters staff burned about five acres of the fields around the site in an effort to rid us of broom sage and give our wildflower plantings a chance to take off well this spring.

The results.

The results.

After a burn, the site takes on a post-apocalyptic appearance, especially right after the fire goes out because the ground is “steaming” with the last of the smoke. I’m sure the neighbors wondered why huge plumes of smoke were blowing through the neighborhood. Fortunately, the wind dissipated the smoke quickly and we received no irate phone calls.

We are planning on more for next year, tackling one of the largest fields where the temple mound is situated.

Mike Linderman is the sectional archaeology manager at Angel Mounds State Historic Site.

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