Pushing Power

Tony Stewart's dad, Nelson (l) and his Sprint Car

Tony Stewart's dad, Nelson (l) and his Sprint Car

Dozens of expensive racing cars are arriving at the Indiana State Museum this week, in preparation for the Gathering Before the Green Flag event this Saturday and Sunday.  Some 70 vehicles, valued at well over $21 million will be on display around the museum.  They represent all sorts of racing, including Indy 500 cars, NASCAR, sprint cars, etc.  I’m not a racing fan myself, but have been totally ogling these cars all day…its way cool, I assure you!  Many of them just exude history…Danica Patrick’s car, cars from the 1960’s and earlier, etc.  You really don’t have to be a race fan to appreciate the passion and energy, the sheer beauty, and the history behind these vehicles.

I’m wishing I had little kids again…many of these cars will be available for kids to climb inside!

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