Get your caffeine fix here!

The new coffee bar at the Indiana State Museum.

The new coffee bar at the Indiana State Museum.

When you visit the Indiana State Museum, you can now indulge yourself in espresso, mocha, cappuccino, hot tea, hot chocolate or just plain coffee at our new coffee bar on the Canal Level of the museum. And don’t forget the biscotti for dipping … or maybe a blueberry muffin … mmmmm! But we need your help – we don’t have a name for it yet! Something way more creative than “The Coffee Bar at the Indiana State Museum” would be nice. After all, this is coffee we are talking about! Send us a comment with your ideas.

5 Responses

  1. How about C Level Coffee or simply Canal Level Coffee–too obvious? 🙂

  2. Um, well, how about I don’t know, but I think the idea of a blog roll is that you list other blogs you read, not links to more ISM stuff. That would be under “Links.”

    Do you read other blogs?

    Coffee cart idea: Not from INDIANA. Get it: Robert Indiana.

  3. Perhaps it should coordinate with the new name of the museum store?
    Or…how about The Buzz at the ISM
    or…how about A Jolt of Science and Culture
    or…how about INdiana’s Coffee Shop
    or…how about Hoosier Coffee and Cocoa

  4. Hey “Dude”! Thanks for pointing out the blogroll thing. It’s something we’ve been meaning to change for a while. And now we will!

  5. I think it should be named “The Coffee Hole” for two reasons:
    1) because it is kind of set back, under the staircase, like a little hole-in-the-wall place.
    2) isn’t that where you put your coffee? you know, like pie hole – except for those of use who drink coffee more often than we eat pie.

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