A Mosaic TV


(Joanna Hahn reporting)

When the air begins to cool and the leaves begin to change color it can only mean one thing….planning for the Indiana Art Fair.  2009 will be the sixth year for the art fair and it is shaping up to be a vibrant and colorful show. (see last year’s show info hereArtists have been notified of their acceptance and a final list of artists for the show will be available on the museum’s website after the first of the year.  But here is a little preview of what to expect.  The 2009 Indiana Art Fair Signature Artist is mosaic artist Cappi Phillips of Bloomington, Indiana.  Cappi is a familiar face at art shows around central Indiana and is known for her colorful and humorous take on art.  Cappi likes to work with found objects and reuse them as the base of her art.  Her signature piece for the Indiana Art Fair is no different.  Cappi will be converting a mid-1960s television into a piece of art.  Why a television you may ask?  Cappi is a resident of Bloomington, Indiana which was once home to RCA whose televisions are featured in the museum’s collection.  Below is a “before” picture of the piece.  Use your imagination to envision what Cappi will do.