Hollywood on the Canal

Hollywood paid us a little visit recently, as our Indiana State Museum played host to a Master Card commercial starring our favorite Indiana boy…Peyton Manning!  It was somewhat of an eye-opener to those unaccustomed to video production, as 65 crew members and numerous truckloads of equipment and wardrobe bore down on the museum in the wee hours of the morning for what turned into a 5-hour commercial shoot on our administration building balcony.  The final footage amounted to about 8 seconds, where the museum masqueraded as a fine San Diego hotel, but what fun we had gawking at the NFL’s favorite quarterback.  The rest of the commercial was filmed at Indy’s Westin Hotel.

We were all so impressed with Peyton’s obvious talent at, well….at being the Talent!  He showed up prepared and ready to work (sound familiar…since that’s his secret to success at football), had cute ad libs, was easy to work with, worked hard without complaining, joked around with the crew, etc.  

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos, and you can also go here to find more footage, the actual commercial (check out the great “canal” view off our balcony…brought to you by “blue screen” technology), and other fun applications, courtesy our new friends at Master Card.