Cooking on Radio

Food Network is a great place to watch chefs at work…but have you ever considered radio?  You know… that old fashioned medium that forces you to create your own image in your mind’s eye.  It could be argued that radio is more demanding of you, as you must imagine a certain amount of what you’re hearing.  You know a person never looks quite like you imagine when you’ve only heard their voice.

Such was the case this week as Chef Dustin Gagne spoke to an invisible radio audience about pastries and chocolate.  What an interesting start he had into the food world, cooking for the entire Schumacher Racing Team for a couple of seasons!  Apparently one of their favorite Chef Gagne treats was his French Toast Casserole, consisting of croissants, cream cheese, cinnamon, etc.  YUM!  Now we enjoy his creations in the L.S. Ayres Tea Room, where he’s created various desserts made of high-end chocolate.

During the interview, the WSPM program host kindly described each luscious treat as he tasted the truffles, the smoked applewood bacon-flavored chocolate, the green tea chocolate bar, and others, but I just don’t believe it was the same as tasting it yourself!  If you’d like to hear the program, tune to 89.1 this Saturday, 10/18/08 at 1p.m. for “Indiana This Week”. 

Similar tastings occured on “The Art of the Matter” on WFYI-Public Radio, 90.1 for a Saturday at 4 p.m. airing.

Below is the cute Chef Gagne…who not only wields a large whisk, but definitely knows how to use it!

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