Dig It!

If you think that a museum is just a bunch of shelves showing old stuff, you need to read this! This museum is actively researching and collecting, out in the field.

We’re a little late posting our blog from this summer’s big dig – the excavation of three 12,000-year-old mastodonts from a recreational pond near Culver in Marshall County, Indiana. Blog author Peggy Fisherkeller, curator of geology, notes that only one laptop was available and time to post was at a premium. You’ll still feel the excitement, though, as you read her day-by-day account.

Ron Richards, chief curator of natural history and paleobiology, sums up the dig this way: “The pickin’ was good. In the beginning, we thought there were two animals: a female and a sub-adult, but by the time we were done, we had three mastodonts. We’ve never collected juvenile remains like we did here, finding a partial jaw and skulls.”

Read the rest of the entry here! Here’s another link to photos of the dig, as well. Its so cool!

Here are some mastadont teeth that were found on this dig…remember from a previous post, that mammoth’s have just four teeth, but mastadonts have THIS!  It still amazes me that this intact jaw was found “so easily” right here in Indiana!