Flying into the Cultural Crossroads

Indiana’s official motto (as of 1937) is “The Crossroads of America.” Knowing that, it makes sense that the state’s largest airport is nearing completion on a bright new multi-million dollar expansion, due to officially open this October. According to the airport website , Indianapolis International Airport (IND) currently serves about 8.5 million passengers annually and transports 1.15 million ton of cargo.

Part of the expansion is for shopping and 50 local and chain businesses have leased space, including a consortium of eight Indianapolis-area museums, to catch weary travelers and give them a welcoming taste of Indiana while capitalizing on the extra time they have to kill between flights.

The museum store, “Cultural Crossroads” is located in the huge Civic Plaza area and will provide a sampling from the Indiana State Museum, Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Conner Prairie, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, and others, rotating premium space within the shop. It is sure to be a great place to find special and unusual gifts!

The space is architecturally fabulous, with high ceilings of glass and over $4 million worth of public art. It will be worth seeing…here are a couple peeks (photos by Kathi Moore).

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