Diggin’ Up Bones

Factoid for the day:  There have apparently been more mastodonts found in Indiana than in any other state – over 300 “spot finds”  (according to an Indiana State Museum curator).

That said, it should come as no surprise that museum curators are busy digging up mastodont bones from a pond bank near Culver, IN.  In fact, just this weekend there was a fabulous find;   bones were found in articulation, which means they were still in correct order (something that rarely happens when the specimen is 12,000 years old!).

Since I have a hard time remembering what I had for lunch yesterday, I can barely fathom 12,000 years ago and how exciting it would be for someone to make this kind of discovery.

Media as far away as Florida have covered the story;  here’s one from South Bend.

The museum is working on an exhibit for the future called “Elephant Graveyards” which will tell this wonderful story about the mammoths and mastodonts.  Stay tuned!