Paddle Boats at Lunchtime

Indianapolis has a beautiful canal district right in the downtown area, little-known to probably thousands of people in the city, but well-enjoyed by those of us who work nearby.

Today at lunchtime, the DNR sponsored the annual Paddleboat Races, with two mighty Indiana State Museum teams, one defending last year’s title.

When it came right down to the wire, the ISM “Snot Otters” came in a close second…edged out by a Department of Forestry team with questionable bumping strategies. The ISM Aquanauts were sitting very heavy in the water and had a hard time keeping up, coming in a distant worse-than-third-something.

*Note: The Snot Otter name came from the slang term for the Hellbender Salamander, which is on Indiana’s Endangered Species list. Perhaps they should’ve chosen a name of something that’s NOT so endangered!

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