The Earth Moves

Schoolchildren watch raptly as the Indiana State Museum’s Foucault Pendulum moves, knocking over domino-like objects in its path. The pendulum is proof positive that the Earth really does revolve, for the pendulum hangs freely, swinging back and forth as the building and Earth rotate beneath it.

The pendulum was devised by French astronomer and physicist Jean-Bernard-Leon Foucault way back in 1851, long before satellites and space rockets showed us that the Earth is indeed round and does indeed rotate on an axis. It has become a recognizable icon of the Indiana State Museum, having moved from the old to the “new” location in 2002.

One Response

  1. Worth noting that today (18 September) is Jean-Bernard-Léon Foucault’s birthdate in 1819.
    David Berghouse
    Author: Today’s Creators

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