Indiana Television History

A new exhibit opened recently at the Indiana State Museum, showcasing historical items from RCA, which was ranked No. 1 in the world in electronic production and sales for many years “back in the day”.

The company has a long and significant history in Indiana. RCAbegan producing radios in the state in 1929 and even produced the world’s first commercial color television in 1954 in its Bloomington plant. That plant was one of the four in Indiana that made up the largest television manufacturing operation in the world at that time.

“Indiana was well known as a center for television manufacturing, and RCA also did a lot of product development here. So, with retirees around the area offering us prototypes and pre-production examples of various consumer electronics, it makes sense for us to focus on collecting both the artifacts and the people stories behind them as great examples of Hoosier industry,” said Todd Stockwell, the museum’s curator of agriculture, industry and technology.

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